The Manx Leaders Program

This is the flagship program we’re crafting specifically for Manx businesses, individuals, government and schools.


We are excited to confirm dates for our next Manx Leaders Business Programs:

  • Douglas: Thursday 1 May – Friday 2 May, 2019. Click here to apply…
  • Ramsey: Tuesday 7 – Wednesday 8 May, 2019. Click here to apply….

NOTE: Places for both programs are strictly limited and will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

The program starts with an assessment of your current leadership state: how and when do you think, feel and behave as a leader? What are your strengths and where are your greatest opportunities for growth and development?

You then join us for a two-day workshop – perhaps with others from your business, or with a group of like-minded Manx citizens who understand why growing personal leadership skills is so important today.

Over these two days you will explore the latest neuroscience and best-practice principles and tactics used by the most respected and successful people on the planet, in all walks of life. Please keep in mind, this is not just another ‘business program’ – this is a human being program, first and foremost.

Because we know that when you grow your own skills: resilience, humanity, leadership, compassion, empathy, courage – all of these skills elevate every aspect of your life and career.

Our next program is on 24-25 January, in Douglas. There are few seats left, so click here to register now…

Click here to get started…


This opportunity is not for everyone.

If you are open to personal growth, if you can picture yourself thinking and feeling differently about what is possible for you in this life – if you know that you are capable of more and that you just need to hang with the right tribe…. then this is absolutely where you need to be.

Click here to join us. Let’s make 2019 the year we transformed Manx.